COZZI COVE: Bouncing Back by Joe Cosentino

Ghosts, Mermen, flirty houseboys and lots of love.

Cozzi Cove is a place like no other, a resort for gay men to relax and spend their Summers.

Cal Cozzi had inherited the resort from his grandfather and had done little to change it. He loved the relaxed atmosphere and the old fashioned rooms.

With his husband Lance and Connor, the houseboy come teenage ball of lust, the place always runs smoothly.

With couples filling up the bungalows and a few single men looking for love, it will be a good Summer.

With rock stars, authors and porn stars among the guests things were going to get pretty interesting.

With all that was going on maybe no one would notice Cal's secret.......

When he is attacked by a young boy looking for a gay man to take his anger out on, things start to unravel.

How can he possibly be falling in love with Michael when he has Lance?

Another brilliantly written book by this author.

He makes you want to take your own vacation in Cozzi Cove.

You could feel all the emotion and love flowing from the pages.

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x