Never Too Late by Sloan Johnson

Dax had survived.....

He wasn't sure how and he sure as hell couldn't work out why!!!!!

For a while he even wanted to hurt the man that had saved him from his pitiful life.

Finding himself back in the place he had tried to stay away from, he decided to give life another shot.

What he hadn't figured in to his plans was love.

Michael relied on his parents, being on his own with his little boy wasn't easy and he was trying his best to be a good Dad.

He constantly felt like his In-Laws blamed him for their little girl dying and lived in fear of them trying to take his son.

When Jagger decides to climb a tree and can't get down, he meets his new neighbour, the same man who has already helped his kid once.

Feeling like a total failure he sees the need to explain to the man that he is not really that bad at it and invites him over.

The two men find themselves becoming close, Jagger seems to love his new friend and when he finds out he will be his new teacher they get even closer.

When, one night Dax confesses his accident to Michael to explain his nightmares, things take a complicated turn.

Can the two of them find their way past the secret of the part that Michael played in it.

They were both on that road for their own reasons.....

Maybe fate brought them together.

This book shows that even after heartbreak and when you think that you can't go any lower, finding the right person will bring you back to the light.....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x