Finding Julien by Genevieve Wolfe

Julien was trying to find himself...

He had moved away with his best friend, away from the pressure of hiding who he really was.

Being gay would never be accepted by his family, they were English aristocracy after all!!!

Working at his Uncles club gave Darius the perfect opportunity to scope out the local talent. After all, everyone trusts the bartender...

When he spots Julien he finds himself drawn in by his good looks and the most perfect green eyes he has ever seen.

After a passionate night the last thing they both expected was to run in to each other in class, being paired as study partners could make things awkward.

When Juliens brother visits from home he is forced to play the part with his best friend Clarissa as his girlfriend, just to keep up the pretense.

This helps hide her secret as well!

When things progress and family members start to come in to the picture, past secrets start  threatening to ruin any future the two men might have together.

Can they overcome the past and finally be who they want to be.

This was a good first book from this author.

I liked all the characters and the storyline was a good one.

It was a short easy read, which i liked but I felt there was a lot more scope to embellish the story.

I am not one for sex scenes that last for a chapter but these needed to be a bit longer with more description.

This is not a criticism in any way, just a personal preference and i would definitely read any future books that the author brings out.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x