YOU GOT ME by Jamie Lake and Jeff Rivera

In this prequel to I Got You, we get to meet Benjamin for the first time.

He is struggling to deal with his injuries and his girlfriend has all but given up on him.

Enter Cole Masterson, war vet, health nut, sex god.......

When they meet at the rehab centre they clash, Ben is angry and Cole seems to know it all.

Gradually Cole gets to hear more about Ben's life, his dreams, his situation and the pain he is in.

As much as it seems he is interested in what Ben has to say, there is a reason behind it all which for now, will need to be kept a secret.

Ben regards himself as straight, he has a girlfriend after all, or rather, he had one....which is why he can't work out what his thoughts are doing keep wandering to Cole.

Cole has always been something of a whore, any warm hole will do and once the deed is done, he wants out.

Lately though he finds himself dreaming of more, specifically with Ben. The only thing holding him back is the secret which could ruin all his chances of any sort of future with the man.

To finally get the happy ever after they want and deserve they will need to overcome the past, the ex and the fear of commitment.

 Only then will these two men get to fully love each other, trouble is the path to true love isn't always the easy one.

I absolutely loved this book.

The men are so easy to relate to, you can literally feel their pain, their joy and their love.

This author never ever writes a bad book and I can't wait for the next one.

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x