Dom of Ages by K.C Wells and Parker Williams

This is book 7 in the series but can be read as a standalone.

When you lose the one you love, it doesn't have to mean your life is over as well....

Jarod is a sub, he and his Master Phillip had been together for many years when Phillip died in a plane crash.

We meet Jarod 4 years later, 50 years old and all alone, rattling around in the house they shared, wondering what to do with his life.

After having tried to go back to the club scene once and being totally humiliated by Doms and subs alike for his age, he has resigned himself to being alone forever.

At his mother's insistance he decides to give it one more try.....

Eli is a Dom.

He wants the life that his friend Ben has, a sub who is the love of his life, to be totally devoted to one another.

Feeling lonely and in the need of company, he decides to visit Spitfire, the local BDSM club.

Looking around at all the young boys playing at being subs, he is ready to leave until he spots Jarod.

Doing something he has never done before, he asks him to go home with him, not with the intention to play but to find out more about this beautiful man.

After a rocky start, where Eli seems to forget that Jarod has needs of his own, they realise that this could be perfect for both of them and without meaning to, they fall for each other.

Wanting to show off his sub, no matter what his age, he manages to get Jarod to go to a different club with him, one run by friends of Ben.

Here they are both accepted with open arms, the young subs are totally respectful and fall in love with Jarod straight away.

He feels at home and ready to be put on display, something he loved to do with Phillip.

He never thought he would be accepted again but with his new Master and friends he finally feels he has a purpose to live again.

This book was very well written, making you realise that you can find love no matter what your age or age difference.

Through the words of the authors you could feel the emotions that both men were experiencing, the highs and the lows and it made the book more personal.

It was lovely to have all the supporting men from other books and although I hadn't read them previously it didn't in any way ruin the story.

A fantastic read.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x