Defining Us by Zoey Derrick

I think for me this is the best story in the series....

Calvin and Eric are both desperately in love with each other.

Eric is reluctant to show his true feelings for fear of rejection and Calvin is unable and physically incapable of showing his!!!

The things Calvin had been subjected to in his past meant that although he loved Eric, the thought of acting on it made him sick.

The couple of times in the past when they had kissed, Eric put the nausea down to alcohol, not wanting to admit that Calvin might really find him that repulsive.

When their friends won't let up anymore and try to force them together, the truth that Calvin reveals is almost too painful to hear.

When you love someone though, you stick with them, no matter the consequences.....

It is truly disturbing to know that this practice is not a work of fiction.

The pain that we feel Calvin go through is very real for some people and that is why this story made me cry.

How is this allowed to go on.....

Together the men fight the nightmares every step of the way, even when someone from the past comes back to haunt Calvin.

This story is proof of how powerful true love is.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x