Broken by Nicola Haken

This book is a painful one......

It shows us the excruciating pain of watching the person you care about the most, go through something that even they can't explain.

Depression is a terrible illness, no one can see it and sometimes there is no reason for it.

When Theo starts his new job, he is warned straight away to avoid the Boss, James Holden.

Everyone says he is a man whore who likes to sleep with all the new recruits.

It's his way of having fun without letting anyone in.

On a night out with some of his new workmates Theo does something totally out of character, he lets a man in the toilets take him hard and fast......

Confessing all to his best friend Tess the next day feels almost as shameful as the act itself.

Back at work he throws himself in to the job, handling a contract for his favourite author.

Litlle does he know that all his best laid plans are about to be thrown out the window.

When he finally meets his new Boss, the one he was warned to stay away from, he realises that he was his quick shag in the club toilet.

As much as James likes to mess around, for some reason he is drawn to Theo and decides to pursue him.

When Theo's car breaks down he takes this as the perfect opportunity to get to know him.

On a night out however, things happen that make Theo wonder just exactly who his Boss is and what is his problem.

They begin an uneasy relationship with James blowing hot and cold.

He wants Theo but at the same time, wants to push him away so he doesn't see exactly what type of crazy he thinks he is.

As this book develops we see every aspect of what a person with depression goes through, the sometimes manic highs to the complete and utter self loathing and self pity.

I have personally watched this happen and I can hand on heart say that the author has written this book perfectly.

These two men are totally believable and reading this book transported you right in to the heart of their feelings.

It was funny at times, very very sad but so amazingly beautiful.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x