Average Gray by A.C. Katt

Grayson Gray hasn't got an easy life, not by anyones standards.

He works every hour he can to earn money to look after his sick mum.

He tends bar in the Sunset club and keeps himself to himself.

There is one man however who has noticed him.

Enzo likes what he sees but the bar manager Mike Green tells him Gray is taken.

Little does Enzo know that this is because Mike has plans of his own for the wealthy businessman.

Mike has been stealing from the club and Gray knows it, he also overheard his plans for Enzo, so when he tells his bosses what's going on, his life starts to take a different turn.

His mum starts to see the benefit of his health insurance with the club and he starts to see the benefit of the feelings that Enzo has for him.

What he nees to figure out for himself though us if Enzo is only after him now Mike is out of the picture.

When his apartment is targeted with his mum inside, they find themselves being moved in to Enzo's and becoming a part of something they never could have expected.

Sometimes dreams really do come true.....

4 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x