Safe With You by Catherine Lievens

Leslie is a police officer in a small quiet town where not much ever happens.

Gavin is a widower bringing up his young son alone, protecting him from his homophobic grandfather who wants custody.

When the men run into each other as Gavin is chasing a boy who stole his son's bike, it leads both of them to start thinking about the other in a more than, let's just be friends way.....

After several brief meetings around the town, Leslie finds himself being called to arrest the boys grandfather when he attemps to lure him away.

One restraining order later and they find themselves dating.

Luckily for them, Gavin's son is quite unfazed by his dad kissing another man but not everyone is so accepting.

With fights at school and his grandfather threatening to take him away from the so called perverts corrupting him, life isn't as easy as they had all hoped.

Suddenly their small town sees more action than it's used to, robberies, kidnap and shootings are something they have never experienced before.

Throw in a ferocious cat , a coming out of the closet and a police officer on a mission and this book is quite the ride.

It has a few awwww moments, a few ooohhhh ones and a lot of laughing where the cat is concerned.

A good all round read.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x