The Losing Game by Lane Swift

When Lucas confides in an old friend that he needs help, little did he know the path that this would lead him down.

Having lost his sister to a hit and run, he is hell bent on getting revenge on the man that got away.

His friend Avery gives him a business card and tells him that his answers lie with the man whose name is on it.

Dante is a powerful man.

He runs a sex shop with his two daughters but is so much more than a shop keeper.

When Lucas appears at his door with a proposition, Dante refuses.

Only once before has he done what is being asked of him and he is not willing to lose himself to his old life again.

When the two men meet up again in sad circumstances, it's quite clear that there is something between them and Dante decides to keep Lucas safe the only way he knows how.

Tracking and surveillance is easy when you know what you are doing....

How will Lucas feel when he finds out he has been part of a bet and will he be able to forgive Dante.

Will he finally get his revenge on the man that ruined his life and be able to move on.

This book was an interesting one, it had the love interest which we all like but the storyline was enough to keep me gripped on its own.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x