Matchmakers: A Shifting Isles Trilogy by G.R. Lyons

In the first book Second Chances we meet Remy and Chance.

Remy is a 19 year old porn star come entertainer at Matchmakers, a place where gay men can go and feel safe exploring whatever fantasies they want.

Chance is 35, seriously jaded with the dating scene and has sworn off of younger men as it seems none of them can be faithful.

All both men want is to settle down and be loved.....

With the owner of the club pushing them together, will they both find what they want.

Just how many problems and prejudices will they have to overcome to be together, will Chance be able to get over the close relationship that Remy has with his on stage partner Matty?

Even when things seem to be going their way, Matty has other ideas about what Remy needs out of life, and it isn't an old man like Chance.....

In Second Chances we meet Shain, Chance's brother.

Being abandoned by his family at the age of 14 has left him bitter.

A one night stand at Matchmakers has left him regretting the decision to let the young man leave his bed so soon.

Ellidon is a young artist who uses his craft as an outlet for his aggression.

Born with a problem that leaves him with uncontrollable rages, the only time he has felt any peace was when he submitted to an older man.

When he returned to Matchmakers to find the man gone he poured his soul in to recreating his image in all of his paintings.

When Shain returns for his brother's wedding and the two men reconnect it changes both their lives forever.

In the last book Second Place, we finally get Danny's story.

Owner of Matchmakers, he is good at pairing up his friends but his own true love is the one that got way.

 After cheating on Bryan, he felt so guilty that he paired him up with Eric.

When the men fell madly in love and got married, Dan felt that it was what he deserved as a punishment, to watch the man he loved in the arms of another.

Fate however has a way of making right certain things and when Bryan needs a shoulder to cry on, Dan is the one to lend his.

The trouble is that to get back the man he loves, someone else will end up losing, in the worst possible way.

These were three really good books and I loved the way that all the stories intertwined.

I guess we all have our own perceptions of a perfect relationship but until you find the right one you just never know what you really need in life.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x