Where I'll Be Waiting by Monika De Giorgi

When Jesse meets Cameron it seems like the perfect, loving relationship.

The only trouble is, it's happening in both of their dreams.

Neither of them has ever set eyes on the other but both seem to know every intimate detail you could possibly want to know about a partner.

The dreams are beginning to take over Jesse's life, it's getting harder for his friend to wake him until finally on a trip away he ends up in hospital.

Cam has been dreaming about Jesse ever since he found a poem written by him in the bookstore where he works.

Thankfully he finally gets the courage to try and find him.

Can the real life Cam finally become the man to save Jesse from his nightmares and will things be the same when they wake up.

A truly inventive story and very different from anything I have come across before.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x