Match Point by Leigh Carman

Meet Finn and Dexter, both at the top of their game but bitter rivals.

Finn and his partner Tristan seem to beat Dexter and Blake at every turn and Finn is just way too cocky about it.

Finn is hiding something though, no one realises that Tristan is his partner, on and off of the court.

And there is a reason he is always so horrible to Dex but only he knows it!!!

When tragedy comes knocking on Finn's door, the person who is sent to save him is the very man he has tried so hard to stay away from.

Thrown together so that they can both keep on playing the sport they love seems to bring out the best and worst in both men.

With Finn coming out to his parents and Dex seeing his rival in a new light, things are going to get very interesting.

Drunken fumbles and crossed wires keep both men on their toes and the tension is getting too much.

Somethings got to give and when it does, wow!!!!

This book is like a coming of age for the two men, even though they have both already been through a lot.

I loved the fact that Finn was so annoying but you get to see why and in the end I loved him.

Throw in a bit of hot, sweaty action on the court and this is a perfect read.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x