Relative Best by Pat Henshaw

Zeke Bandy owns and runs Bandy's hotel in Old Town Stone Acres.

As well as being a hotel it's a sort of refuge for runaways and those in need.

He has no time for love, only the occasional hook up if he's lucky.

Vic Longbow is in town to set up a new office.

He has an ulterior motive for choosing this town, he wants to find out more about the family that put him up for adoption.

Being a Native American raised by a strict white family hasn't been easy.

When both men cross paths a friendship is formed when they find out they have being orphaned in common.

The relationship that follows isn't one they were looking for but sometimes love can be found in dusty old hotels.

A very sweet, romantic story about two men who are both looking for what is missing in their lives.

3.5 out of 5.

Sue x