Endings and Beginnings by K.C Wells and Parker Williams


I can't believe that this is it.

In all honesty I was almost crying before I even read the first page.

The whole thing has just been an absolute journey of pleasure, pain, domination, submission and redemption.

I recieved this book a while ago but to do the review justice I re read the whole series.

In this book we meet Darren again, he owns the salon where Thomas took Peter to be 'reborn'

He has finally decided to visit the club and see for himself how things work.

He remembers the looks of love and trust between the two men and wants to find someone who will be his in the same way.

On his first visit he meets JJ, the new barman.

The attraction is instant but JJ doesn't even realise that he could be submissive.

All he has been concerned with is a problem of his own....

When Leo brings everyone together to tell them some major news, everything that JJ believed is wiped out in an instant.

Darren has arrived in his life at just the right time!!!!

Throughout the book we go from their developing relationship back to the stories of the other couples.

I love the fact that this wasn't just about Darren and JJ but that the whole thing brings everyone together.

I can't say which of them I like the best, it would be like choosing a favourite child, impossible!!!

The way that this book started off with the men dating and getting to know each other before realising exactly what sort of partners they would become is perfect.

Every one of the books has had a different type of contract in it, it just goes to show the diversity of the BDSM world and that not everyone likes the same thing.

At the end of the series though, you finally realise that no matter what type of play, situation or kink that these men like, the whole thing has been about love.

Each and every one of them has found the perfect partner for themselves and a place in a family that has stayed strong no matter what was thrown at them.

By the time I was on the last chapter I was in tears, I knew that this was it....

Leo and Alex

Thomas and Peter

Ben and Scott

Andrew and Gareth

Damian and Jeff

Alan and Dorian

Eli and Jarod

Darren and JJ

and Miles and Pietro who didn't have their own book but were a massive part of the series.

I have shared every emotion possible with these men and I can't believe I have just said goodbye.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x