Forever at Sunrise (Rock Gods 8)

Forever At Sunrise (The Rock Gods Book 8) by Ann Lister – 4 stars
I have read the entire series to date and feel like I’ve been on a really long journey with all the characters. This latest book, which is billed as a novella but is really quite long,  is all about Wheland and Rooster and their quest for true everlasting and complete happiness. They want to be together in every sense as a family and the great news is that their surrogate falls pregnant. This is a sweet and sexy read continuing in the same formula as the previous books including the members of Black Ice, Ivory Tower and all their bodyguards and family members we have come to love throughout the series. The author achieves a great balance between the emotional and the physical providing the reader with a multi- featured experience. Nothing horrible happens; it’s exciting, a little bit worrying, totally hot, hot, hot and peppered with plenty of ‘awwwww’ moments. Ann Lister has not let her Rock Gods fans down with this bonus treat to the series.