When Jacob had been abandoned, left and cheated on he had erected a wall, perfected a scowl and kept everyone at arms length.

He was determined to never let anyone hurt him again.

If only he knew someone like Wylde was going to come crashing in to his world he might not have bothered.

Moving in to his new offices, wedding planner Wylde was quite excited about his new start.

All was well with his life but he wanted someone to share it with.

The man across the hall might scare everyone else off with his surly attitude but Wylde could sense the pain he was trying to hide, after all he had experienced some of that himself.

Gradually the two men become close and begin to rely on each other.

Wylde seems to be the only one who can brighten up his darker days and make him see that there can be light again in his world, maybe even the family he has secretly longed for.

Yet again another strong read from this author.

Her characters always work perfectly together and I can't wait to see what comes next.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x