ROGUE SOLDIER (Shadow Unit#2) by Jamie Lynn Miller

The first book in this series was a difficult one to read.

I became emotionally invested in what Shawn and Connor had to go through.

This time we catch up with them on a new mission and Connor is debating whether to take a promotion that would ultimately take him away from Shawn for months at a time.

He had just accidentally caused a loss of life that he can't cope with and seems about ready to throw his own away with it.

Being ordered to take part in a mission before he decides, he comes face to face with a lover from Shawn's past.

With the two men already fighting over his new job, it could be the thing that breaks them for good.

Julian knows every little secret from Shawn's past and something isn't right.

He wants Connor out of the way and Shawn back by his side and the worrying thing is neither man has any idea of the lengths he will go to.....

A thrilling ride with a stunning conclusion.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x