Once In A Snowstorm by Ofelia Grand

Aiden was lost, alone and possibly about to die.

All he wanted was to head home to his mum for Christmas, being stranded after his car crashed wasn't in the plan.

Tristan likes being alone....

After he caught his husband cheating he had holed up in his cabin for seven years, only talking to his best friend and a few townsfolk and he liked it that way.

When his dog found the handsome stranger about to die from cold, he was annoyed.

This ruined his plans of spending another Christmas alone.

Aiden was a city boy, being gay he always thought that people were judging him.

To him, Tristan was just another patronising man to add to a very long list.

Would the crash be the best thing that happened to both of them?

Could Aiden break down Tristan's walls and thaw his heart?

Would Aiden realise that maybe someone loved him for the way he was?

I love a Christmas story at any time of year and this one definitely warms your heart.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x