Jumpstart by Riley Hart

Jumpstart (Crossroads Book 3.5) by Riley Hart – 4 stars
Another wonderful series full of adorable and sexy men that sweep you into their lives and make you want so much for them to be settles and happy. Well, Beckett is no exception. A top Motorcross star who has just come out to the world as gay (although he insists he’s bi) is at a ‘crossroads’ in his life. His beloved sport is no longer satisfying all his needs and he takes a time out to go visit his friend Landon in small town Virginia. These are the men we know so well, and the fact Beck has gone there suggests an HEA in his future. But just like the sport he loves, Beck has a twisty turny bumpy ride ahead. Christian is his best friend from 10 years ago but they fell out and although clearly they still yearn for their lost friendship, Beckett feels it’s time to man up and get in contact to see if bridges can be repaired. Christian comes to small ton Virginia and the rest is…well, not totally predictable but enough to make my heart squeeze and other bits take notice! This was a short, sharp, sweet and sexy book. Riley Hart writes great stories that make you feel good and this was definitely one of her best.