Struggle ( Crossing Desires #2 ) by Megs Pritchard

Ok so I loved the idea of this book, it was well written and the men were fine but I felt it was all a bit rushed and the problems they faced were too easily overcome.

Will and Tony want each other, madly, passionately and literally every moment they are with each other.

All is going well and Tony is finally ready to let Will in but the face in his nightmares turns out to be working for the man he loves and he isn't sure he can cope.

His brother wants to go after the man for what he did to Tony but the situation seems to be all too easily resolved.

I'm not sure I could forgive so easily and cope with the fact that the man who had ruined my life was out of prison and walking around like nothing had happened.

Add that to the fact that Will seems to be sympathetic towards the attacker and it just doesn't feel quite right to me.

Like I said, it could have been a fantastic story but I just felt it wasn't realistic for me, but that's a personal opinion and takes nothing away from the author.

3 out of 5 stars

 Sue x