Crashing Waves by C.J Baty

When the first book in a series is so good, i always hope that the second one will follow on in that way and this one definitely did.

We find Justin back at Warfield, trying to put last Summer and the man of his dreams behind him.

He had sent Marcus away in the hope that it would keep him safe, after all, all the murders were connected to him.

When strange things start happening at the hotel, Marcus finds himself back at the request of his best friend, Justin's brother Peter, to help find out what's going on.

A s soon as he arrives though he finds the man he loves has been rushed to hospital and the 'accident' is looking highly suspicious.

With break ins, attacks and fires thrown in the mix, it seems like the mystery is far from being solved.

The pain and lies that surround these men and their story goes back many years and it isn't over yet.....

A really good read, I loved the men, the back story and the setting was perfect.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x