Wrong Room, Right Guy by Liam Livings

When Simon decides to go to a writing class to escape from his mundane life, stepping in to the wrong room may have been a blessing in disguise.

He catches sight of the perfect man for him.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity he returns the next week and pretends to be a recovering drug addict.

This way he gets to know Darren and notes down some useful material for a storyline.

As the relationship develops, his lies become a problem.

Darren has been lied to before and Simon knows when the truth is revealed it could be tricky.

The fabulous Clara-Bell, who runs the writing class is on hand throughout the book with her wealth of advice and delicious meals.

The whole book is so well described you can almost feel the years old paint on the doors leading to the respective classes, you can smell the stews and plum crumble and I could definitely see Clara-Bell in my head.

And as for Darren in his vintage tracksuits and his vintage car, lets just say, I have been there, done that!!!!

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x