DEAD CAMP books 1 and 2 by Sean Kerr

Well damn!!!!

When I went in to these books I knew they were going to be tough but I never for one minute thought they would be this brutal.

I thought, ok,  vampire, ghost, angel love triangle with a bit of angst.

What I never expected was the power of the words that lay within the pages.

The story about the men themselves is a strong enough read, with the odd demon or 2 making an appearance but it's the way it's written, the back stories, the absolute pain and horror of what they all see and what they have been through that make these books totally brilliant.

We go back in time, and when I say back, I mean all the way back.

We literally find ourselves in the presence of gods and monsters.

Eli, the vampire has done so many bad things it's fabulous, but as the story unfolds you see the reasons why!!!!

Malachi, the ghost, basically refuses to move on, hoping to gain the love of the brooding vampire, even though he knows it will never happen.

The angel seems to be a constant nuisance to Eli and when his brother shows up, all hell, as literally as you can get, breaks loose.

Add in the fact that a lot of the story is set in Nazi Germany and we get to see through their eyes the actual brutality and suffering of it all and the story becomes very real.

As I went on through the chapters I found myself totally bewildered at the story, the whole thing unfolding in front of my eyes made a weird kind of sense.

This seriously has to be one of the most thought provoking, genius pieces of writing that I have ever read and I need book 3 in my life right now so I can finally find out the truth of it all.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue xx