A Shooting Star by Joe Cosentino

When Jonathan Falabella starts college he thinks this is the start of all his dreams come true.

He is going to be doing what he loves, acting, and he has a really hot new roommate.

David Star is just fabulous...

Everybody loves him and everybody wants to be loved by him.

He takes Jonathan under his wing and helps him to think like an actor, coaches him on auditions and gets him a part in the upcoming college production.

They kiss a few times and Jonathan finds himself falling in love with the obviously gay David.

What he can't work out is why things go no further.

They spend lots of time together, going to clubs and meeting new people.

What Jonathan really wants to know though is where David goes to every night and why!!!!!

Jonathan finds himself paired with Barry in one of his classes and the two hit it off. Barry realises Jonathan is attracted to David but he tries to warn him off.

When David's secrets and feelings are revealed we see why he is the way he is.

Sometimes people shine so brightly that it won't last forever......

This was a lovely short story of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x