Trasmundo by Varian Krylov

In dark times, times of hardship and war, there is light, you just have to be lucky enough to find it.

Luka lived above the barber shop where he worked.

Somehow he had become the enemy, cast out by people who were once his friends because of religion and where he came from.

He dreamt of being an artist, got himself a place at college and started to have hope for the future.

Little did he know that this was to be a short lived fantasy and that soon he would be forced to leave his safe place behind.

At a camp for others like him he soon found out that liking men was not acceptable and he was beaten, cast out and left to die.

Thanks to a kindly man he was freed from his bonds and he set out to try and find somewhere that he would be safe, when he came across a soldier from the other side however he didnt think he would ever be safe again.

The soldier for some reason decided to take him along for the journey, he was a deserter trying to make his way back to his son.

Along the way Luka and Tarik formed an unlikely bond that would hopefully keep them alive and safe, they face many dangers on their travels but the attraction to each other is what keeps them going.

Has Luka found a love that will be his future or will he be cast aside as he has in the past.

This was a beautiful story of two men, adrift in a lonely world who find some comfort in their time of need.

I cant wait for book two to follow their story further.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x