Gay for Pay by TM Smith


Meet Christopher Allan Roberts.

He is a man broken by tragedy, trying to move on with his life after the death of his first love. The trouble is, it's not an easy thing to do when you killed her.....

Chris moves away from his home town after being practically shunned by everyone except his best friend.

Living with Michael and his partner is not ideal, the couch is not so comfy anymore and he needs a job, but when you have a criminal record it's not so easy to find one.

When he finds a flyer for modelling and gay porn films in a bar he decides to give it a go.

After all how hard can it be?

He meets Victor in an interview who decides to give him a shot, he ends up at his house with all the other actors and feels like he might have finally fitted in somewhere.

After a few intro scenes he is set up for his first full on sex scene with Gabe, thing is he finds himself turned on and is not sure why, after all he's straight right!!!!

Lincoln Carter is one of Victor's actors. He is openly bisexual and instantly attracted to Chris.

He wonders what it would be like to film a scene with him.

Chris, or Kris Alan as he is now known seems to be drawn to Linc and the two men find themselves in a relationship.

Finally Linc knows what it's like to be with Chris but when a threesome is set up for filming, he finds himself getting insanely jealous.

Victor is worried what will happen if things don't go well but his partners and lovers, Matthew and Andrew convince him to let love take its course.

Will they be able to be happy with the ghosts from the past that keep coming back to haunt them.

Chris needs to make peace with what he has done and Linc needs to get rid of his ex for good.

Maybe then they can both have the love they deserve.

I really liked this book. All the characters were likeable and it had a good story to it.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x