Charlie's Hero by Nic Starr

Charlie Matthews is a teacher.

All the kids in his class love him and he has some wonderful friends, its just a shame his family have turned their back on him for being gay.

Josh Campbell is a paramedic for the local fire department. He has always felt he was gay but being brought up by a brother who had turned his back on his best friend for loving men, he didnt want to come out and risk losing the only family he had.....

When a little girl at the school breaks her leg, the 2 men meet and are instantly attracted.

Weeks later when Josh and his team return to the school for a show and tell, Charlie plucks up the courage to ask Josh out.

After a tentative first date they find themselves back at Charlies and take things to the next level.

Things go well but Charlie wonders why he is never invited to Josh's house when his brother is around. When he finds out the truth he tries to support Josh but wants people to know who he loves and doesnt want to hide anymore.

Between parents blanking them and an awful accident, they both realise what is important and make decisions that will affect the future...

This was a really easy to read, nice story.

4 out of 5 stars

Sue x