Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson

Sean Tucker and Mason Atley were the best of friends.

They were both ball players but for opposing teams, used to moving around the country and meeting up when they could.

Mason had got married and for Sean this was the worst thing ever because he had loved his best friend for years.

Theirs was a sport that didnt really accept the openly gay so he Sean hadnt come out but Mason knew his secret.

What Sean didn't realise was that Mason had a secret as well, it was one he discovered while he was at his friends house. Mason wanted him!!!!

Their relationship turned hot and heavy really fast but neither of them wanted to come out just yet. 

Trouble was that their feelings about the future were slightly different, while Sean was having one of his best years, Mason wasn't and when a freak injury caused him to be sidelined he made a decision that would change their lives.

Mason wanted the home, family and happy ever after and he thought Sean did too, at a press conference he made an announcement that would change everything.

Would they end up with the life they both wanted???

4 out of 5 stars

Sue x