Curve Ball by Sloan Johnson

This book follows on from the fantastic story Wild Pitch. This is Jason's story.

For 7 years he has been alone, never wanting to find love again after Adam was killed by friendly fire.

He concentrated hard on his career and was a good player.

We met Mason and Sean in the first book and at a party they are hosting, Jason meets Cam. 

Cam is staying with his best friend Drew who is on the same team as Jason.

His family deserted him and Drew has been the only constant in his life, he has supported him in every decision he has made.

Having finished culinary school he has moved in with Drew for a while, waiting to find the perfect job.

At first when he meets Jason, all he wants is a bit of fun while he is waiting for his life to start. Little did he know it had just begun.

With Jason's reluctance to commit, feeling guilty for cheating on a ghost, Cam's falling too fast which he tried not to, it can only mean that things are going to go badly wrong.

Their friends can all see what is happening, even if they are trying to deny it.

In their own way they are trying to look out for one another without admitting what they feel but when Cam decides to cool it off Jason realises exactly what he could lose.

This was a lovely story and a brilliant follow on from the first book. I loved that we got to hear about all the other characters from Wild Pitch and I can't wait for Drews story next.

5 out of 5 stars 

Sue x