As You Are by Ethan Day


Julian Hallowell was very confident with his sexuality. He loved to dress to impress in the tightest clothes possible. 

This worked well for him in his job as a barman, getting him the most tips from men who loved to look at his body that was literally poured into his clothes.

His roommate Danny Wallace was totally the opposite. He had the body men would love to have and women literally drool over. He liked to dress, shall we say, slightly more conservatively.

Julian was totally, utterly in love with Danny and tried to keep out of his way as much as possible because Danny obviously didn't feel the same way. 

After getting slightly drunk one night though things moved to a new level for the 2 men and Julian thought he would finally get his HEA with the man of his dreams.

He was bought down to earth with a bump though when Danny returned home the next night with a young man on his arm who was only there for one reason.

Was this Danny's way of saying it was all a mistake or is he just trying to protect himself from what he thinks he can never have with Julian.

What with visits from his mother and a dinner with his best friend approaching, things could get very awkward.

Julian does his best to make Danny jealous by flaunting a date in his face but all it seems to do is make him sad.

Will the 2 men move on alone or will they finally get the love they both want.

This book contains laughter, arguing, regrets and love.

This is only the second book I have read by this author but I have to say he gets every emotion and situation perfect and I will read everything he writes from now on.

He makes you fall in love with the characters, not just the main ones but everyone who is in the book.

5 out of 5 stars

Sue x