The Biker by Rain Carrington

Malcolm Sandoval was alone.

His mother had died leaving him with his piece of crap stepdad who treated him like a slave.

It was at his mothers funeral where he first saw the man that would ultimately save his life.

Back at the house, serving drinks and clearing up after his stepdads biker friends, he overheard a conversation that he shouldn't. He was being sold to a big scary biker to pay for drugs.

Had he just escaped one hell for another.....

Mitchell Kirkland or Kirk to his friends was one of the only gay bikers around.

Although he owned Malcolm and wanted to use him just to get off, he found himself attracted to the young boy and increasingly protective of him.

So much so that when he took Malcolm to a club meet he was described as his Old Man and given a Property of Kirk patch.

The relationship between the two develops fast into a loving one and when Kirk gets in trouble and knows he is being sent down, he tries to get Malcolm to leave him so he doesn't waste his life waiting for him but he is having none of it....

If truth be told though, the thought of his Mal with anyone else makes him insanely jealous and they wisely forget the idea after Malcolm tries to prove a point with another man in front of Kirk.

While Kirk is inside, they contact each other constantly and continue to fall deeper in love. When one day Malcolm says he is going away for a while though to visit with his dad who he hasn't seen for years, Kirk gets worried.

With his impending release the only thing on his mind is to find Malcolm and when he does there is hell to pay.

With evil stepfathers, crazy family members and finding his father, Malcolms life has been a hard one but with Kirks love he has finally found a place in life and someone who will love him forever.

This book was hot and heartwarming at the same time and the sex scenes were incredible.

If you love a biker, this is the book to read.

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x