Second Time Lucky by Ethan Day

Luke Landon hated his birthday. They were always bad but this year he had sat and ate alone as none of his friends had bothered to turn up at the restaraunt.

Deciding to drown his sorrows at the local pick up joint, he realised that it was full of men who were either not his type or that he had already slept with.

When a familiar voice wishes him a Happy Birthday he thinks he must be dreaming, seems his first and only love, Owen West is back in town and wants to hook up.

Maybe birthday wishes really do come true.

After a passionate night together, Luke is devastated when Owen has to catch a flight home. At work he cant hide his misery from his friends.

When locking up for the night, he is stunned to find Owen waiting for him, seems he didn't want to leave after getting together again.

While Luke had spent the last 15 years going from bed to bed, seems Owen had  a serious 11 year long relationship that had recently broken up.

They fall back easily in to their old ways of teasing each other hard and loving each other harder.

With a job offer on the table that would mean Owen could move near him, Luke forced himself to back off and not put any pressure on him. He didn't want to go through the heartbreak of losing Owen again.

Lets face it, he never really got over him the first time......

With family and friends encouraging them both to go for it, will they or will Owens ex try and win him back.

He however is not the only thing that could tear them apart, a face from Lukes past might just do that all by himself.

Would life be cruel enough to tear them apart again or will it really be Second Time Lucky.

Yet again another brilliant read from Ethan Day. I am beginning to think this man can do no wrong.....

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x