BARE by Lynn Kelling

Bare by Lynn Kelling – 5 stars


Lynn Kelling is one of my favourite authors so whenever she releases a new book I hold my breath hoping I’m not going to be disappointed. I was so excited to read Bare and as soon as it hit my Kindle I was on it. To my immense relief and utter enjoyment the book was wonderful.


There is nothing new about two people meeting and falling in love, but the circumstances around Ev and Adam’s developing interest in one another is original and makes for enthralling reading. Ev comes from a staunch homophobic Southern Baptist background. All his life, Ev has been expected to be the perfect Senator’s son and tow the line, but he has feelings about other men that he knows won’t be acceptable and in order to explore and be independent he opts for a uni far from home. Ev starts nude still art modelling to make some extra money and he is spotted by artist and adjunct teacher Adam Buchanan. Adam sees something in Ev that needs freeing and asks him to model exclusively for him at his apartment. In due course more than just modelling takes place behind closed doors, but when Adam drops Ev off at college one day and they are spotted kissing, the ramifications spread far and wide and their very lives are in peril. Ev’s family and his community back home believe in conversion therapy which Ev lives in constant fear of. Is Ev’s and Adam’s love for each other enough to assuage all of Ev’s doubts and keep him safe?


Evelyn known as Ev to everyone but Adam is a complex character with so many ingrained hang ups it seems as if he will never be free of his background. Adam is fabulously wealthy and out and proud and determined to draw Ev out of himself and free him from his constraints, emotionally and physically. The chemistry between them is incredible and the author relays their sexual experiences so beautifully and vividly that you almost feel like an observer. The kinks are thrilling and the rawness of Ev’s fears induce so much angst it’s sometimes hard to read. The supporting characters also have very strong identities and add to the story rather than distract.


Overall I found Bare to be exciting, riveting, heart wrenching, sexy and completely absorbing. I couldn’t put it down and I loved every word. Well done and thank you to Lynn Kelling for treading where others dare not….I look forward to her future work.