Not Another One Hit Wonder by J.M. Snyder

When Jamie and Derek fell in love in school they thought it would be forever, that is until Derek formed a band and moved away.

20 years later and Jamie is still in the same small town and now living with a small person, his adopted daughter.

When his babysitter dies he realises that things might get a bit tricky, after all, Derek will have to come back for his mother's funeral right!!!

Running the family funeral home he has no choice but to see the one man who still has his heart.

Derek had stayed away for his own stupid reasons.

Seeing Jamie is the only thing keeping him going, he never fell out of love, just out of luck.

Will the flames be rekindled?

Will Jamie's daughter accept a man in her Dad's life?

Can Jamie forgive Derek for leaving him behind?

This book was a definite heartwarmer, I loved the two men and the little girl is just adorable.

A book that goes to show that nothing can stand in the way of true love.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x