Morning My Angel ( Angel Enterprises #1 ) by Sue Brown

Josh doesn't have an easy job but the one thing that keeps him going is his online friendship with 'Charlie'

He knows that Charlie works in the company somewhere but for some reason is reluctant to meet so all he has are his daily 'Morning my Angel' messages.

When he is sent on assignment to London to find a missing agent he meets Cal.

They are supposed to be on the same team but it doesn't feel like it!!

The man is arrogant and stand offish and Josh can feel it coming off of him in waves.

When Josh is hurt in the investigation however, he sees a new side to Cal and an attraction starts to develop.

Feeling guilty, he messages Charlie and puts an end to their online flirting, he had wanted so much more but now he had a real living, breathing man in front of him and it felt like he was cheating.

With the case taking a sinister turn, no one seems to know who is a friend or who they can trust.

All Josh knows is that for some reason, he seems to be the one in the firing line.

This was a book that I started when I went to bed thinking I would just read a couple of chapters, how wrong I was!!!!

I finished in the early hours of the morning, I just couldn't put it down.

A brilliantly set piece of writing with mystery, intrigue and a fabulous story that kept me invested in all aspects of their lives.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x