Braeton and Drew (something about him) by A.D. Ellis

I have loved this series so far so have been looking forward to this book and it was just as good as I had imagined.

Meet Braeton, out and proud stylist, comfortable in his own skin and very much sought after.

Then we have Drew, very much in need of the above stylist if his boss has anything to do with it.

When the two men are thrown together, a slow burn of feelings begins to build.

Their first date has Braeton on the back foot straight away as he is trying to keep away from the homely, comfortable life. When he gets to decide the second date, things go seriously  wrong.

Taking Drew to a bar to show off the kind of gay man he is turns out to be a big mistake and leaves Drew feeling totally out of place.

Hopefully Drew will let him try again, after all he can't mess up again can he?

I think the phrase, from bad to worse is appropriate here....

This is where some old friends step in to help and we see Braeton's softer side as he turns on his babysitter mode.

If Bryan and Jase trust him with their son, he can't be all that bad!!!

This was the perfect book to show how opposites attract  and that if you want something bad enough you can overcome all manner of obstacles.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x