To Love and To Cherish by Addison Albright

Nash had had enough of love...

Cast aside by his fiance, although it was for his husband, was painful.

He had decided to just have meaningless hook ups and coast through life unhurt.

Living on his best friends sofa wasn't going to cut it anymore, he needed to move on!

Being set up by an elderly patient however, wasn't what he had in mind, especially when his grandson was one of the top doctors in the hospital where he worked.

Emmitt had been hurt in the past.

All he wanted now was an easy life and someone to live in and look after his granfather.

The perfect solution was standing in front of him in the form of Nash.

An arrangement was needed that would suit both men, a live in home help and a new husband in to the bargain.

For some reason it seemed to make sense to them.

All was going well until the accident....

When Nash woke up he was living back in a time where he was still with Sam.

Learning that he was now with Emmitt was a blow but one he needed to get used to.

What must it be like to lose all memory of the ones you love?  To know nothing about certain times in your life?

Nash was about to find out first hand.

Would Emmitt be able to hang on to him when Nash realised his new life was all a set up or would he want to move on and find real love.

This was a good story and really made you think.

I can't imagine losing all the memories of those I love.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x