Three lovely short books following the story of Christian and David.

When the two men meet it's at an informal Christmas gathering that for one reason or another they have botth ended up at.

Christian had wanted to take his boyfriend home for the holidays but found that not only was said boyfriend unwelcome, he was as well!!!

David has been dumped and fired recently so is spending the day with friends Cathy and Tony.

Despite Christian's advances and desperation to be touched, David holds off and decides to give the two men space and see what develops.

What follows is a sweet, push and pull romace, Christian seems to be doing most of the pulling though and wants things to move at a fast pace to prove something to his parents.

Throughout the three books we see David's reluctance, being the older, more sensible one and Christian's innocence.

Can you make someone love you on a time scale?

A perfect family Christmas seems to be the goal.

A nice series to read at this time of year....

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x