Mapping the Forest (Rocky Mountain Boys#1) by Brandon Witt

Mapping The Forest by Brandon Witt - 5 stars
Reading this story was such a joy. The characters were delightful and Brandon Witt's vivid way of writing really brought them to life. The main character Gabe is a gorgeous Forest Ranger; tall, muscly and passionate about wildlife. He's an upbeat, easy going guy mooning over his out of reach best friend Todd, when Luis enters his life as a much needed distraction. Luis is a stocky, sexy-hairy, Hispanic hotel owner and tour guide. Luis however, is also a man consumed with grief over the death of his husband 2 years ago, and as much as he wants to move on with Gabe his guilt is a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. 
The support cast of characters are great and several interweaving plot lines make this book engaging and interesting. It is Gabe and Luis however, that capture the heart and leave the reader yearning for the building chemistry between them to develop into so much more. 
There is much humour to balance the sorrow and angst and Brandon Witt writes in such a way that I felt drawn into the story and at times consumed by it. The sex was handled brilliantly and the emotional highs and lows felt real. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Brandon Witt's work in the future.