Double Dealing by Nicole Colville


Double Dealing: A Marriage of Inconvenience: An Arranged Marriage by Nicole Colville – 5 Stars
Ryder Granger (the name’s enough to get your pulse racing) is a sexy New York Billionaire. He has the world at his feet and the reputation for being a bit of a bad boy player but that’s not the real Ryder. What he’s yearning for is his one true love; someone to share all he has and love him for who he really is. Trace Lyon is from Atlanta. He’s the heir to a family conglomerate but he’s not happy with his life. His parents are keeping him in the closet and his loyalty means he can’t quite find the strength to leave it all behind and live the independent life he desperately craves. One night Ryder and Trace meet not really aware of who they really are. It’s explosive and memorable but it’s not until 2 long years later that they get the opportunity to explore their relationship further, although not in the way either of them could possibly have imagined. An arranged marriage to help ease the merging of the Lyons and Granger companies is a great excuse for Ryder to claim the man he wants, but Trace isn’t quite as enthusiastic. 
The plot sounds implausible really and on the surface this is a love story with lots of sex and humour thrown in with two gorgeous, hunky main characters. But delve a little deeper and you will find a beautiful and sensitively told tale of a man who has all the worries and fears of ‘coming out’ and the emotional turmoil it can bring no matter who you are. Trace is outwardly successful and confident but Ryder sees his insecurities, lack of self-worth and loves him all the more for it. Ryder is self driven, powerful, successful and very rich. He has male models falling at his feet, yet essentially he is a lonely man and just wants to be loved. Nicole Colville concentrates almost solely on her two main characters. This book focuses on their emotional journey and we get to know them both very well. Of course the sexual chemistry between Ryder and Trace is off the page scorching and an essential part of what binds them even through the most uncertain of times. Trace is a bit bitchy at times which makes for hilarious reading. Ryder is a man who does everything 100% so when he is in pain it’s raw and it made me cry in parts because his sorrow and yearning is palpable. 
This was a wonderful read. The right balance of romance, angst, sexy bits and plot line. I loved it and can’t wait for anything more Nicole Colville bestows upon us.