I don't know what I expected when I started this book but I was blown away.

A totally powerful story of an undercover cop who gets so involved in an operation that it changes his life....

Drake has seen the bodies, he knows he needs to find out who did this.

When he gets a break and makes contact with the man responsible, little does he realise exactly what is going to happen.

Taken off the streets before his back up is in place, he is drugged, bound and spirited away in the night.

All the bodies have had a letter tattooed on their chests and when he wakes he finds out he is now to be known as 'M'

Another letter becomes his friend, put in with him to keep him from causing trouble, J has been there for a while....

The head of the operation, Ryden, has other plans for M, much to the disgust of some of his guards.

From the time they made contact online, he knew he wanted M for himself and for some strange reason, M feels the same.

We get to see the seedy, disgusting side of our world which is usually hidden away.

It makes you realise that this actually goes on in real life and that's what makes the book so hard hitting.

Oddly enough I can see the attraction that M has to Ryden, he seems to love the power but also the hidden pain.

Will he ever escape and blow the operation apart?

Will he be able to leave Ryden behind?

He knows it's his job and he is there to save the letters but something is holding him back.

I loved this story and couldn't put it down.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x