Snow and Secrets by R.J. Scott writing as Rozenn Scott

Snow & Secrets (Stanford Creek Book 3) by RJ Scott writing as Rozenn Scott – 4 stars
I haven’t read the rest of the series but this book can be read as an MM standalone. It was a cute and easy read, perfect for the time of year. The two main characters find themselves as cabin mates outside the small Vermont town of Stanford Creek in the lead up to Xmas. Tyler, a popular boy band member, needs to escape his life for a while to rest and recuperate. He is being hounded by the media after being filmed getting a blow job by a mysterious man on his knees in a night club. He is recently single but yearns for security and balance in his life which he can only seem to find with his twin Zach. 
Garrett lies to his family. They think he is a pharmaceutical salesman travelling the world but really he is a government employed translator working with SEALS in dangerous hostage situations. His last mission goes horribly wrong and he is wounded and Garrett needs to go hoe to his family, even though he still needs to keep his secrets. His big brother Justin’s cabin is the perfect place for some much needed R&R. 
Garrett has harboured fantasies about Tyler for a long time. Their friends and family cross over so he knows he’s going to meet him but neither of them suspected they’d be living together. The instant chemistry simmers to boiling, and ensuing hot tub scenarios, snow ball fights and long walks in the snow do nothing to cool the building attraction between them. Garrett’s past, however, is determined to catch up with him and put them both is danger. Now more than ever he has everything to lose, but Tyler is a fighter too and refuses to give up on Garrett. And you’ll have to read the next exciting bit in the book yourself or else there will be spoilers! 
I enjoyed his book very much. It was a little predictable and cliched in parts, but sometimes you just want a comfort read. The good thing about RJ Scott is that she writes well so her plot lines and story flow properly and attention to detail means you don’t have to worry about typos and mistakes. The support characters are well constructed and relevant, and well written descriptions bring the story to life. The sex is steamy without being too graphic and you really get a good sense about how Tyler and Garrett feel about each other as their journey progresses. This was an engaging and enjoyable book.