Rejected yet again, Aiden felt guilty at telling his little theatre group that they would have to find another dodgy pub for their play.

He was seriously fed up, he wanted to become part of the real theatre world but it all seemed so far away.

His twin brother Zeb on the other hand was loved by the public, on the cover of magazines and adored by all.

When he called for Aiden's help, he didn't realise he would get to glimpse the glitzier side of showbiz...

.All Dominic wanted to do was climb.

It was in his blood, his father and grandfather had loved to scale the mountains.

When his finances ran out he was told he needed to promote himself.

Apparently a high profile romance with the hottest man of the moment was on the cards, even if he was having to pay for it.

With Zeb unable to go on the date, he sent his poor, shy twin Aiden along instead.

He never for one minute guessed that Aiden would develop feelings for the guy.

What comes next is a kind of hide and seek, push and pull relationship that wears them both out.

What will happen when Dominic gets his funding, has it all been about the money or will they realise it could be more.

A revelation on a mountaintop is just what's needed.

This was a nice book but for me it didn't pack the punch that some of the authors other work does.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x