Found by Annabella Michaels

5 stars


This is the first book of Annabella Michaels that I have read and I shall definitely be checking out her other series. I very much enjoyed her easy to read style which allowed me to focus on the story and its characters.


Micah Hamilton owns ‘Hamilton’s Heroes’ – a private security firm in Chicago, and he has tasked one of his operatives, ex USAF pararescueman Jeremy O’Brien, to find a missing person.


Zane Wilkinson is that missing person and all Jeremy has to go on is an old picture. However, 7 months into his search, luck brings him face to face with ‘Zach’ who he’s pretty sure is actually Zane.


Over the next few weeks Jeremy and Zach get to know one another and form a close bond. For Zach it is the first time he has been able to get close to anyone and to trust them. He fled Chicago when he was 18 following a brutal attack by his abusive father. It nearly killed him and it cost him his younger brother who he had vowed to protect. So now he works at a lakeside resort, quietly, with a measure of peace…. Until Jeremy breaks down all his defences, both emotional and physical. However, just as the two men realise they love one another, a major betrayal threatens to ruin everything.


The story was a study in trust and love. Two men that are vulnerable for different reasons, against all odds, find each other to be their soulmate. Neither one of them has been in a proper lasting relationship and the author is very good and making the reader feel every single moment of doubt; fear; desire and angst, that these two wonderful men experience. I cried for them and I cheered for them. I found myself holding my breath at certain points and then sagging in relief in others. It was a real emotional rollercoaster with a feel good factor. It was also very sexy! Phew!


Overall, this was a very well-constructed story with great characters that I look forward to reading more of in the future books of the series. Annabella Michaels is a new author for me that I’m thrilled to discover.