No Shame by Nora Phoenix

Can I just say that I am crushed that this series has finished.
It has been an absolute joy to follow the lives of these amazing men, every single one of them...
In this book, although we have the start of a new relationship between Brad, Miles and Charlie, we get to follow on with all of the others. No one is left out and I wasn't left wondering how their stories ended so it was brilliant.
The dynamic between the new threesome is a strange one.
We met Miles in book three when he was saved by Indy. If you haven't already read this then you really need to for it all to flow properly.
Miles has a problem, he is constantly horny, not just as a virile young man but he has a medical issue. For him it has been impossible to find someone who would put up with it, it all seemed fun at first but then having to constantly please him became an issue.
Brad is a slut. He loves to take what he can get, any way it comes. He was a complicated character and I felt sorry for him for a lot of the book. He had some serious issues that were addressed in a very sympathetic way and his story was beautiful to follow.
Charlie is the youngest but by no means does that affect the way he behaves. Although just out of an abusive relationship, when the time comes to be with his new two men, he steps up and takes charge in a way I never expected.
Also in the book we get to see how Noah and Indy cope when Josh and Connor return. Now there's an interesting situation. Two couples that are sometimes interchanging. They also get involved the care that Brad needs.
We have BDSM, Daddy kinks and puppy play all thrown in. What more could you want?
Honestly it might all sound a bit complicated but the whole thing works on a level above lots of other books I have read.
I know for a fact that this will be a series that I go back and revisit again and again. I'm actually already missing them all.
If I could give more stars I would....
5 out of 5 stars. 
Sue xx