Blind Passion by Penny Brandon

This book is absolutely beautiful....
Blind since birth, Adam was proud of the fact that he had made it as a teacher. He loved his life but as a gay man, going in to clubs wasn't something he felt comfortable with so that part of his life had never been explored.
To help him, he was sent a young man doing community service. He knew instantly that he was attracted to Luke, what he didn't realise was how strong their connection would be.
Luke thought the man before him was breathtaking. He had never wanted anyone as much but his past was holding him back. How would someone as respectable as Adam even want to be near him, let alone kiss him....
When they do kiss, something happens that will change everything for both of them. Life is about to get a lot more colourful.
A proposition and mutual agreement seems to be they way forward but is it what either man really wants?
This book will leave you wanting more from these two, I loved their story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x