Snowed In by Adira August

This is a novella in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series by Adira August. It focuses entirely on one weekend at Cam's cabin where the two men are snowed in. What begins as a romantic getaway, evolves into Cam dominating Hunter in the hopes of giving him what he needs to rid him of the lingering nightmares of recent events. It is an in intense interaction between dom and sub that is peppered with deep conversations about what each man means to the other. 
Hunt and cam are sexy men. Their sexual interaction is off the wall hot and the BDSM is mostly psychological with some clever physical aids thrown in to enhance Hunter's experience. Mostly it is about trust. 
This is brilliantly written. The story flows perfectly and is highly descriptive to the point where I felt like I was in the cabin watching events unfold in real time, rather than on my couch with my kindle! (Oh how I wish!) Nothing is gratuitous with August Adira. Everything is relevant and evocative. Cam and Hunt are both extremely complex individuals with a lot of back history that is often referred to. There is great depth to their characters and it makes them very human. 
I was utterly captivated by this story and am anticipating their next adventure with great excitement. I highly recommend this series.
5 stars