Dead Camp 5 (The End Game part 2) by Sean Kerr

Am actually writing this review with a tear in my eye but a feeling of absolute joy. What a phenomenal ending this author has given us to a series that has been a pleasure to be part of.
Back when I started to read Dead Camp I was a bit unsure as I'm used to the more conventional MM books, this was so far out of my comfort zone.
You have a Vampire who lives with a ghost, an Angel who pops in occasionally, a Devil who is scorchingly hot, an ex lover who was actually one of my favourite characters and a whole host of others.
You have to have read the previous four books for part five to make sense, please don't try to jump in for a quick read, it wont work and will be an injustice to the story.
So this is where we find out what will happen to our men....
Eli is searching for Ethan, he needs to find his love and save him from whatever Morbius has planned. The war is taking over their lives and he is scared about losing any more of his friends. It needs to be ended!!
To do this, the past needs to be visited again and after the revelations we have seen previously, we know that it's going to be painful. The discoveries that were made and truths uncovered, blew my mind. How on earth did the author imagine these things, I would love to be inside his mind and see how it works...
The spear is the only thing that can end it all and that has been hidden for a long, long time by Gideon. Aah Gideon, now we come to one of my favourites. For years he let Eli think that he didn't want him, that he was better off without the vampire. All he has ever wanted to do was protect him. His ending in this book is what he deserves, in every way.
Malachi, dear Mal. All he wants is to go home, to the final home where he can be with the ones he was so cruelly taken from.
Will the Angel finally give him what he wants or will the Devil do what he does best?
Now Melek, where do we even begin, his story goes as far back as time and I love every second of it. He is hotness personified and if I could just stroke him, I would!
This is the final battle, the build up has been spectacular but this book will blow your mind. The whys, wherefores and what the hells made my brain hurt but in a good way. I laughed, I cried, I planned tattoos in tribute to this series. It will never leave me and I am hoping that it means just as much to you.
10 out of 5 stars, is that ok? If not I'm doing it anyway.
Sue xxx