Home in your Heart (Alphas' Homestead Series Book 4) by Alex Jane

This is a real feel good series, well rounded, perfectly written and totally captivating...
Our favourite wolf family is beginning to feel like it's being pulled apart and I went into this book slightly terrified that it would all end badly.
Martha is home after years of studying.Caleb and Jacob welcome her with open arms but she is about to break their hearts...
Tad is fighting his wolf who seems to want to appear earlier than most Alphas do, will the reason be another heartache for the doting fathers?
Ephraim is dealing wih a broken heart and in turn Caleb feels like he is failing his kids and his mate.
The whole book is full of heartbreak and it is just amazing!!
I love a fluffy story but sometimes it's nice to read something that isn't all hearts, flowers and happiness. It makes for a grittier book.
A new pack in town is threatening their peaceful lives and when one of them makes a move on Martha, the whole family is affected...
I cannot wait to see where the series goes next and I'm hoping that there are many more adventures to come.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x